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Prolotherapy Research

Compilation of patient data:  In October 2007 Caring Medical published its first clinical outcome study in Practical Pain Management  called Dextrose Prolotherapy for unresolved neck pain Additional articles have since been published in Practical Pain Management revealing the effectiveness of Prolotherapy in treating chronic painful conditions.

Published research on Prolotherapy: Dr. Ross Hauser and his team have published aJournal of Prolotherapy Cover number of research papers, case studies, and scientific editorials in the Journal of Prolotherapy, including articles on Prolotherapy as an alternative to surgery; Prolotherapy for chronic back pain; cartilage regeneration in knees; PRP Prolotherapy (platelet rich plasma) in meniscus injuries; and Prolotherapy as 1st line treatment for meniscus tears.  The studies are available in full on this website.

Double blind Prolotherapy studies? It is very difficult to perform a truly double blinded Prolotherapy study because even an injection of sterile water under the skin has a beneficial therapeutic effect. Even if no injection was given on one arm as the control, sticking a dry needle into a painful area is known to produce a beneficial effect (this treatment is called acupuncture). It is very difficult to prove using a traditional “double blind” scientific model, that Prolotherapy cures chronic pain, sports injuries, and regenerates cartilage tissue, hence, the retrospective, observational studies that are typically performed. For most clinical practices such as Caring Medical, their daily patient care provides significant evidence that Prolotherapy does indeed cure chronic pain, sports injuries, and regenerates cartilage.

The Case for Prolotherapy: The complete December 2011 issue of the Journal of Prolotherapy addresses “the case for Prolotherapy.” A comprehensive review of all dextrose Prolotherapy articles at the time of the printing is presented and results are tabulated in the article Evidence Based Use of Dextrose Prolotherapy for Musculoskeletal Pain: A Scientific Literature Review.  The International Medical Editorial Board of the Journal of Prolotherapy also published a consensus statement on the use of Prolotherapy for musculoskeletal pain in this issue.

Other Prolotherapy doctors both in the US and abroad, in university settings and independently, have also documented the effectiveness of using Prolotherapy for the treatment of  musculoskeletal pain and sports injuries and have published their results in various medical publications.