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About Prolotherapy offers the following resources for those wanting to explore prolotherapy further...

Prolotherapy Research

Compilation of patient data:  In October 2007 Caring Medical published its first clinical outcome study in Practical Pain Management  called Dextrose Prolotherapy for unresolved neck pain Additional articles have since been published in Practical Pain Management revealing the effectiveness of Prolotherapy in treating chronic painful conditions.

Published research on Prolotherapy: Dr. Ross Hauser and his team have published aJournal of Prolotherapy Cover number of research papers, case studies, and scientific editorials in the Journal of Prolotherapy, including articles on Prolotherapy as an alternative to surgery; Prolotherapy for chronic back pain; cartilage regeneration in knees; PRP Prolotherapy (platelet rich plasma) in meniscus injuries; and Prolotherapy as 1st line treatment for meniscus tears.  The studies are available in full on this website.

Prolotherapy: Alternative to Joint Replacement

In this study, 34 patients with suffered from musculoskeletal pain for an average of 27 months and who were told by their medical doctor/surgeon that surgery was needed, including 20 joint replacements and nine arthroscopic procedures, were treated with Prolotherapy instead of surgery.

Articular Cartilage Regeneration

In this article first published in the Journal of Prolotherapy, the regeneration of cartilage is discussed using Prolotherapy. This is a non-surgical technique. Because cartilage has a poor ability to heal, surgeons are now following the lead that it is better to stimulate cartilage growth rather than remove it. In Prolotherapy this is accomplished with injections.