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Alternative Treatment for Bad Knees


It seems like it is the same old story….

“He was a great athlete in high school.”

“She used to be the best soccer starter on the team.”

“They’d still be amazing today if it weren’t for just one little thing.”

“She can’t run anymore so she stopped doing 10K’s”…

They now have “bad knees”. What does that mean, exactly? Once upon a time the knees were good knees. The three of you worked together to perform some amazing athletics, and then something happened that made the knees turn evil and now won’t work with you anymore? The pain went away for a little while, and then it came back. Bad knees are really nothing more than injuries that just never healed. There are a few very common knee injuries that are to blame for the so-called “bad knees”.

ACL injuries are a common cause of bad knees. The ACL is a large ligament in the knee, and when it tears, it’s nasty. About 4 out of every 1,000 people will have an ACL tear at some point in their life.1Prolotherapy heals ACL tears. It helps to kick start the healing process and it can regenerate the tissue to repair the tear. Other methods of healing a partial ACL tear don’t actually repair the tissue. They just get rid of the pain, without actually fixing the problem, and unfortunately may lead to further degeneration down the road. Prolotherapy is the best way to fix a partial ACL tear – permanently.

The same goes for meniscus tears. Ross Hauser, MD  did a groundbreaking study which showed that Prolotherapy should be utilized as a first-line treatment for meniscus tears, because it was effective and less invasive than surgery, which is the current method of treatment. The meniscus is a little flat piece of cartilage that surrounds the knee cap, or patella. It makes sure that the knee “tracks” correctly, or bends at the right angle without rotating around.  When the meniscus tears or erodes, it leads to tracking problems. Most doctors recommend surgery for any of these problems. They range from chondromalacia patellae (runner’s knee) to patellar tracking problems to jumper’s knee. Each condition has its own specific set of symptoms, but they are all related to the cartilage around the knee cap eroding and tearing. Prolotherapy is helpful in treating all of these knee conditions, because Prolotherapy can regenerate the cartilage, and it can repair tissue. (See figure above).

Prolotherapy treats the cause of the problem rather than just providing pain relief. Instead of removing the damaged cartilage like painful, expensive, and often unnecessary knee surgery, it tightens the ligaments and regenerates cartilage. This means that the pain relief can be completely permanent. Many people who come to Caring Medical and get knee treatments are cured completely, and do not need further Prolotherapy treatments.

Your knees are not evil. They are not laying in wait to suddenly turn on you and become “bad”. As long as you make sure that you are treating the cause of the pain by getting Prolotherapy rather than only treating the symptoms, then they will never turn on you. You can continue the athletics that you love, and you and your knees will remain working together in harmony.Contact us or make an appointment to learn more about Prolotherapy and cure your chronic pain for good.




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