Big Toe Pain: Sesamoiditis

Runners and dancers are most likely to suffer from sesamoiditis, but really anyone can experience this type of pain in the big toe. It occurs in the ball of the foot as the sesamoid bones become irritated. Like the kneecap, the sesamoid bones act as a pulley. Unlike the kneecap, the sesamoid bones are tiny bones that run along the tendon to the big toe. As they become irritated, they can cause inflammation in the tendon in which they reside. Standard treatment for sesamoiditis include rest, ice and special shoe pads. Unresolved sesamoiditis pain involves removing the sesamoid bones.


Sesamoiditis Pain Treatment
Rest and ice are two treatments that can actually inhibit healing. What’s needed in this type of pain is regeneration of weakened structures. Rest and ice both inhibit blood flow, eliminating any chance of the body’s immune system repairing the weakened area. A better option is Prolotherapy, an injection technique that induces inflammation, ushering in healing factors to strengthen the weakened area. Listen as our Prolotherapist Ross Hauser, MD explains: