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Cartilage Regeneration with Bone Marrow Prevents Hip Replacement


Cartilage Regeneration with Bone Marrow Prevents Hip Replacement

A 2006 article in Pain Physician Journal featured a case study of successful cartilage regeneration using a bone marrow therapy1. This case involved a 64-year-old man with a 20-year history of hip pain. He was a candidate for hip replacement as his MRI showed severe degeneration, decreased joint space, bone spurs and cysts

Bone Marrow Procedure

The researchers in this study were aware of the use of bone marrow and stem cells in animals but were curious about its success on human cartilage. This man underwent a stem call transfer in an effort to regenerate cartilage in his hip. Bone marrow was extracted from this patient, processed and injected into the affected hip. After the first bone marrow treatment the patient reported some improvements in his hip although the MRI showed no change. One month later a second treatment was done and resulted in increased joint space and increased range of motion. The patient reported that he was able to stand for longer periods of time, enjoyed travel and recreation and was able to walk further and sit with less pain. The researchers concluded that this man did in fact have cartilage regeneration and that bone marrow therapies hold great promise for joint degeneration.

Bone Marrow Prolotherapy for Chronic Hip Pain

We are discovering study after study that proves the benefit of bone marrow in treating chronic pain. In our experience, we have seen excellent results using bone marrow as a proliferant for Prolotherapy.  Stem cell injection therapy is just one treatment option that we offer sports injuries, chronic pain and arthritis of the hip.  You can also contact us for questions on your specific case.

1. Centeno CJ, Kisiday J, Freeman M, Schultz JR. Partial Regeneration of the Human Hip Via Autologous Bone Marrow Nucleated Cell Transfer: A Case Study. Pain Physician. 2006;9:253-256


  1. D lawrence says:

    Arthritic right hip. 5cm cartilage lost at socket since 2007. Bone on bone. Rather NOT have hip replacement 917 523 2004.

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