For Doctors

Dr. Ross Hauser - Leading Prolotherapy PhysicianRoss Hauser, MD is one of the leading physicians using Hackett-Hemwall dextrose Prolotherapy, along with cellular types of Prolotherapy (PRP and stem cell) to resolve painful conditions and sports injuries. Dr. Hauser was privileged to resume the practice of Gustav A. Hemwall who is considered the grandfather of Prolotherapy by many. Dr. Hauser and his team have worked diligently over many years to produce literature for the lay person on the topic of Prolotherapy, as well as spear-head the Journal of Prolotherapy, as well as start a cooperative listing of doctors who provide Prolotherapy on

Physicians interested in learning more about Prolotherapy

Numerous resources are available for doctors who would like to learn Prolotherapy. Here are some of  recommendations for training:

1. Hackett-Hemwall Foundation: Training from the Hackett-Hemwall Foundation involves lectures and injection training at the yearly meeting typically held in the Madison, WI area in October. They also take a number of training trips to underserved areas of the world, including Honduras and Mexico, among others. HHF also offers a textbook and DVD series, available on their website

2. The Journal of Prolotherapy provides a resource for doctors interested in up-to-date articles, case reports, and original research presentations on Prolotherapy and related subjects. JOP is looking for authors who would like to submit articles, as well as peruse the library of articles on this open access journal. JOP also provides up-to-date listings of training seminars available around the world, as well as doctor’s offices who offer training.

3. is a cooperative listing of doctors who practice Hacket-Hemwall dextrose Prolotherapy.  Listing with will help doctors make themselves available to patients, as well as provide an avenue to share case reports, articles, and the like. A GetProlo application can be obtained from their website at Listings of doctors who provide in-office training is also available on the site.