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Hyaluronic Acid for Knee Osteoarthritis


hyaluronic-acidHyaluronic Acid for Knee Osteoarthritis

Research continues to stack up against this injection treatment (commonly known as Synvisc) for knee pain. A more recent study compiled close to 90 studies on hyaluronic acid.1 The results showed that it is just not a good treatment option for knee osteoarthritis.


Hyaluronic acid for knee osteoarthritis

This study found that hyaluronic acid supplementation to the knee produced minimal to non-existent results when it came to pain and function in knee osteoarthritis patients. Even worse, there was an increase in risks for adverse events and local adverse reactions. This study was a systematic review of 89 randomized trials that compared hyaluronic acid injections to a sham or to non-intervention patients. There were a total of 12,667 patients where the primary measure was pain intensity and the secondary measure was physical functioning. Thousands of patients, numerous studies, and minimal results in pain relief, and non-existent results in function. Bottom line, hyaluronic acid should not be a consideration in treating knee pain or osteoarthritis. But there is a different injection therapy that should absolutely be pursued by knee pain patients.

Prolotherapy for knee osteoarthritis

Prolotherapy, an injection treatment that stimulates the repair of damaged tissue, is an excellent option for knee pain and knee osteoarthritis. Instead of supplementing joint fluid, which is essentially what hyaluronic acid does, Prolotherapy stimulates permanent healing.


For more on Prolotherapy versus hyaluronic acid and knee treatments, read our article Long-term/Short-term Solutions to Knee Osteoarthritis.

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