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Iliac Crest Bone Marrow Aspiration


Stem cell injection therapy has been used in our office for more severe cases of osteoarthritis and tendinosis. It has excellent success rates as an alternative to knee replacements, hip replacements and fusion surgeries. In the video below, Prolotherapy physician, Ross Hauser, MD, performs an iliac crest bone marrow aspiration and explains in detail the use of Bone Marrow Prolotherapy for chronic pain. Once removed, the bone marrow can either be injected directly into the painful joint, or concentrated via centrifuge and then injected during Bone Marrow Prolotherapy.

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  1. Mary Louise Aries says:

    I had 6 PRP treatments to the right hip by Dr. James Baum about 2 years ago here in Santa Fe, NM, to treat a post-traumatic osteoarthritic condition deemed to be caused by a car accident at age 21. The x-ray demonstrated a “bone on bone” situation and being an RN I had and continue to have no interest in the conventional hip replacement treatment. I am estimating that I have about a 60-70% recovery, much less pain, no “bone cracking” sounds, better mobility, but I still have room for more improvement. The treatment received was “out-of -pocket” as insurance did not cover it and was very expensive. I am now turning 69 in June, covered by Humana Gold Choice (Medicare) and I am wondering if further treatment might be covered some way.
    I understand that in spite of the fact that this Rx has been around since the 70s, it was still considered “experimental” by insurance companies. As ridiculous as that seems, it was the status at that time. Have there been any changes in that regard? I’m also thinking that the Stem cell/PRP combo might be the answer. Thanks so much.
    Mary Louise Aries RN MA CLNC

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