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Prolotherapy is a Great Alternative to Surgery


Given the option of surgery and any other effective treatment, for most people it’s not a difficult decision. Surgery is a hassle, includes extended time off, piles of paperwork, and a whole heap of bills. The belief that having surgery will cure their chronic pain is the only logical reason why people would put up with it. The hassle seems easy compared to the constant pain they live with, and the possibility that they will be able to get their life back. Contrary to popular belief, surgery is rarely the only option that people have. They have been told, falsely, that surgery will cure their pain. This is untrue. The reality is that Prolotherapy makes a great alternative to surgery.

At Caring Medical, we use Prolotherapy as an awesome alternative treatment to some of the most common surgeries performed. Let’s take a look at some of them:

Ankle Fusion Alternative

Ankle fusion surgery is one of these common procedures used for people with chronic ankle sprains and pain. During an ankle fusion surgery, the surgeon will actually fuse together a person’s lower leg bone and ankle bone, effectively getting rid of the joint that is causing pain. It causes a loss of flexibility and often does not actually fix the problem. The pain after an ankle fusion can be severe, and may permanently change the way the patient walks. Many times after this surgery, the patient is no longer able to exercise as he/she had in the past. As athletes here at Caring Medical, that thought makes us cringe. Prolotherapy makes a great alternative to ankle fusion surgery because it heals the ligaments instead of molding the bone into something unnatural. After receiving Prolotherapy, the patient is actually encouraged to exercise and keep active.

Unnecessary Knee Surgery

Knee pain is the most common sports injury, hands down. Many times the athlete has torn a ligament, often the ACL. After being told that they have a torn ligament, many give up and submit to surgery. Prolotherapy will not be able to fix every ligament tear, every time. But the fact of the matter is that after receiving ACL surgery, a recent study reports that only 14% of athletes were able to return to unlimited athletic activities and 78% of the “repaired” knees eventually developed osteoarthritis. It would not be unreasonable to question the overall gain of surgery over the disadvantages – not to mention the fact that ACL surgery is painful, risky, and expensive. Every other option should be fully explored before an athlete has ACL surgery, and Prolotherapy should be the first on the list.

Spine fusion vs. Prolotherapy

In spinal fusion surgery, vertebrae in the lower back are fused together to decrease lower back pain. Caring Medical gets emails all the time from people who have gotten spinal fusion surgery and have had an increase in pain in a different location, such as the buttocks, legs, or knees. They all regret the surgery immensely and wish that they had never had it. Prolotherapy is a much better option for lower back pain than spinal fusion surgery will ever be. Instead of fusing bones together to make an old problem into a new one, why not fix the original? Prolotherapy targets the source of the back pain, which is often ligament and tendon laxity. The dextrose-based solution tightens the ligaments that hold the vertebrae together. This can cure the problem, leaving the patient permanently pain-free.

Prolotherapy is an effective, permanent solution to chronic pain and alternative to surgery. Before going under the knife, please explore every option you have, starting with Prolotherapy! Prolotherapy is an opportunity to avoid surgery; you just have to take it! It is the REAL pain solution.

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