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Prolotherapy vs chiropractic for your injury?


If you are suffering from a sports injury or a painful condition, you may be wondering what the best treatment route is for your injury. As you know, we utilize comprehensive Prolotherapy here at Caring Medical, IE we offer all different types of Prolotherapy using a myriad of proliferating solutions depending on the individual case – dextrose, sodium morrhuate, minerals, hormones, PRP, and even stem cell therapy using bone marrow, to name a few.

As you know, we receive many emails every day from all over the globe. Sometimes people want to vent their frustrations with the medical community, as this emailer below did. Sometimes they want a forum for voicing their opinions or feel that we are not being fair in our presentation of our experiences, as is the case with this recent email supposedly from a chiropractor. Unfortunately the doctor did not provide his real name, address or email address and sent the email using the website form. Nonetheless, we will answer his email via our blog to clear up any confusion on the matter.

Dr. Anonymous writes, “I have had PRP prolo with great results.but dont give me this crap about 10 visits for chiropractors….you are not a chiropractor..dont bad mouth chiros when MD’s screw up the health for 100 of years..get cold laser BEFORE? massage, stretch..chiros are not PT.s disc problems can take 3 months to feed the disc….dont go to a chiro if they just adjust you..that is what we do…use PRP vs. sugar water..more effective..instead of seeing people as many as you do…”

Dear Dr anonymous,

Thanks for your comments. You are certainly entitled to your opinion and we can appreciate that. We can certainly appreciate your statement about some MDs screwing up people’s health. We see that in our office every day as well. Well-meaning physicians who are uninformed about other methods, blindly continue to prescribe R.I.C.E., NSAIDs, steroids, arthroscopy, and surgery. We don’t see the patients who do well with these treatments; we see the failures

Regarding your comment about chiropractors: We are certainly not bad-mouthing all chiropractors as we ourselves utilize the services of two very excellent chiropractors, as do many of our patients. We do, however, take issue with those chiropractors who over-manipulate the patients and have them coming in three times per week literally for years, making their ligaments so loose they couldn’t possibly hold an adjustment. These are the types of situations that we very frequently see in our office – probably even daily. As stated above, we see the people who failed these treatments.

As with all types of doctors, not all chiropractors are created equal!. Dr. Hauser discusses this in an article he wrote on overmanipulation syndrome here. Please take note that he also discusses the benefits of seeing a good chiropractor in this article and what to look for in a good chiropractor.

Regarding PRP Prolotherapy versus dextrose Prolotherapy: It is interesting that you mention this topic, as a side-by-side comparison study has yet to be published. We utilize PRP Prolotherapy in our office as well as dextrose Prolotherapy, and both certainly work well. We have even published a paper on the use of PRP Prolotherapy in knee patients with meniscus tears told they needed surgery who were able to resolve their injuries with PRP Prolotherapy instead of surgery. The study can be read in full at this link.

As a clinic who has provided Prolotherapy in this office for over 68 years combined (Drs Hemwall and Hauser), it is our opinion that it is definitely not necessary to use PRP Prolotherapy on all patients for all conditions. It has its place, but it is not needed for all patients. That would only add undue cost and time when dextrose Prolotherapy will work great for a wide array of conditions.

We have published a number of studies on the use of dextrose Prolotherapy and its effectiveness in treating a variety of injuries. All of those studies are available in their entirety at

We attended two national Prolotherapy meetings during April 2011 where new dextrose Prolotherapy research was presented and the results were overwhelmingly outstanding. One of the studies presented is an NIH knee study out of the University of WI, Madison by Drs Rabago and Patterson who have devoted a huge amount of time and effort to this wonderful knee study.

Dr. Dean Reeves has also pioneered many studies on the use of dextrose Prolotherapy and published his results. He has collaborated with many other outstanding Prolotherapy physicians from around the globe and has a number of studies going now. Click here for a good summary of the current research being done on dextrose Prolotherapy:

There is also research that has been published for years in Korea, here are a few :

Study #1

Study #2

Regarding cold laser treatments: We also are fans of cold laser in certain instances. Many of our patients also receive those types of treatments as well and find good results with them.

When other therapies don’t work or stop working: When a patients pain becomes refractory to less invasive treatments such as (1) doing nothing and allowing the body to heal itself, (2) supplements, massage, and acupuncture, (3) chiropractic adjustments if needed; then we find Prolotherapy an effective method for treating the underlying injury that may not be cured by the above. We certainly don’t advise Prolotherapy as first line treatment in all cases. We always encourage our patients to try the most conservative methods first if applicable. If these things stop working or do not cure the problem, then this is when we get involved.

Thanks for your comments and we hope this provides a better understanding on our thoughts on these treatments.

For more information:  treatment for meniscus tears, or stem cell injection therapy.

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