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PRP for Early Knee Osteoarthritis


prp_kneeA recent study out of the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York showed promising results for platelet-rich plasma (PRP) use in early knee osteoarthritis.1 22 patients diagnosed with knee osteoarthritis and with arthritis-related pain for 14 months were given a single shot of PRP and followed for a year. Researchers measured knee function, stiffness, and ability to perform activities of daily living. They also took MRI images before and after to examine PRP’s effect on knee cartilage. The promising results included a decrease in pain of about 52% at six months and 60% at one year. MRI results showed no further cartilage loss, leaving the researchers hopeful in PRP’s ability to stop the progression of the osteoarthritis.

Despite the promising results, some remain skeptical. The author of an article in Runner’s World showed skepticism when it came to PRP, stating that PRP studies have been ambiguous, and this one in particular lacks the objective results to know if PRP truly worked.2 While this treatment may remain debatable, when used in the right context PRP is extremely effective at healing soft tissue injuries. One negative aspect of the study mentioned above is that it involved only a single PRP injection.

PRP Prolotherapy for knee osteoarthritis

From a Comprehensive Prolotherapy standpoint, one injection is not thorough enough to treat the injury, especially in the case of osteoarthritis. We delve more into this subject in our article titled Science Shows Platelet Rich Plasma is Not a Single Injection Treatment. Further, there is plenty of good evidence citing PRP’s success in treating hamstring injuries, avascular necrosis, tennis elbow, and pain after surgery. For an experienced Prolotherapist, PRP may be used in conjunction with other types of Prolotherapy to ensure the root of the problem is fully addressed and treated. Bottom line, knee osteoarthritis responds well to PRP, especially when it is used as a part of a Comprehensive Prolotherapy approach.

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