Research Gives Insight to Causes of Fibromyalgia

And how Prolotherapy can help

fibromyalgia-pain-prolotherapyFibromyalgia is the name for a condition associated with widespread pain in the body and tenderness in multiple joints, muscles, and other soft tissue. Most doctors don’t believe there is one single cause of fibromyalgia. Therefore many treatment options exist, although most of them are symptom management and not curative treatment. Research is showing, however, increased rates of fibromyalgia in people that have neck injuries and whiplash injuries, meaning a  large subset of fibromyalgia patients have neck instability causing their problem. What’s the best form of treatment for joint instability? Prolotherapy.


Car accidents and fibromyalgia

One study showed a relationship between car accidents and chronic widespread pain, that is pain that occurs at various points throughout the body.1 Of the 2,069 patients questioned, 11.6% of them (241) reported cases of chronic widespread pain following a car accident. Researchers stated that, “persons exposed to an RTA [road traffic accident], but not those exposed to other traumatic events, experienced an increase in the likelihood of CWP [chronic widespread pain] onset. . . .We have demonstrated that persons with new-onset CWP are 34% more likely to report a prior, recent, and traumatic event than individuals who remain without CWP.”2

This is of interest because many car accidents cause some sort of trauma, namely whiplash, that potentially leads to a ligament injury. Ligament injury is a source of many chronic pain conditions and therefore is best treated with Prolotherapy to strengthen the injured ligament and alleviate pain.


Cervical instability and fibromyalgia

fibromyalgia-conditionAnother study showed ligament instability, or ligament laxity, in the neck leading the to onset of fibromyalgia. This study found that the rates of fibromyalgia are higher in people who have endured a cervical spine injury.2 102 neck injury patients were examined at 18 different tender points along the body. Researchers found that 21.6% were later diagnosed with fibromyalgia syndrome. This number was compared to just 1.7% in a control group. Most all symptoms were more common and severe in the neck injury group. On average the fibromyalgia symptoms occurred just 3.2 months after injury and they were accompanied with poorer quality of life and an increase in physical functioning.

Again we see joint instability causing a great deal of pain. Ligament injury is an all too common cause of pain, as explained in our article Ligament Injury: a review of current clinical diagnostics and therapeutics. Prolotherapist Ross Hauser, MD has also explained ligaments’ roles in chronic pain and injury. It’s interesting to see research point to ligament injury and cervical instability as a factor leading to the widespread pain associated with fibromyalgia. Many Prolotherpists treat fibromyalgia patients with Prolotherapy. Often additional natural medicine therapies are needed such as diet changes, supplements, etc. It is in the best interest of anyone suffering from fibromyalgia to seek the opinion of a Prolotherapist.

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