Pinched Nerves Often Mistaken for Ligament Referral Pattern

Ligament referral patterns are largely unknown among medical professionals. These referral patterns are often confused with pinched nerve pain such as sciatica and carpal tunnel syndrome. In reality, many people who are diagnosed with a pinched nerve are actually suffering from a ligament referral pattern. First coined by original Prolotherapist Dr. George S. Hackett, referral pain involves pain at a distant site from a ligament injury. As sensory organs, ligaments, when damaged, can send or refer pain to another part of the body. Dr. Hackett discovered these pain referral patterns over the course of 20 years of work in over 1,800 patients through approximately 20,000 Prolotherapy injections.

A skilled Prolotherapist is able to identify the referral pattern and treat the damaged ligament with Prolotherapy. This identification is done by a simple palpation over the suspected damaged ligament in an attempt to reproduce the pain. The damaged ligament and surrounding musculoskeletal structure is then treated to strengthen and heal the ligament while eliminating all signs of referral pain.


Watch as Prolotherapist Ross Hauser, MD further explains ligament referral patterns: